Example flows

Node-RED supports an open source community which means you can find, edit and use flows and nodes that others have created and you can share ones you have made.

To access existing nodes and flows using EMOTIV, visit the Node-RED Library and search for “EMOTIV”. Here you can also search for additional nodes and flows that you can connect your Emotiv-BCI nodes to.

To import a node or flow from the Library into your instance of Node-RED.

  1. Open the node or flow from the Library

  2. Select all the code and copy the json code to your clipboard

  3. From the menu inside Node-RED, select Import > Clipboard

  4. Paste the json code and select to add to current flow or new flow

  5. Select Import

You can share your own nodes and flows in the Node-RED Library. We look forward to seeing what the community builds with EMOTIV!

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