Welcome to the User Guide for Emotiv-BCI Node-RED Toolbox!

Node-RED is an open source node based development tool built by IBM which allows you to wire up Internet of Things devices, online services like social media, and robotics like Arduino, without the need to write code.

It uses a drag and drop graphical interface and has an ecosystem of over 2000 nodes, including logic nodes, input and output nodes and GUI nodes, that you can combine to create an endless number of integrations that you can deploy on your computer, to the cloud or onto hardware like Arduino.

The Emotiv-BCI Node-RED Toolbox is a custom library of input nodes for Node-RED which will allow you to interface EMOTIV technology with Node-RED and create a wide variety of brain-computer interface (BCI) integrations, without the need to program.

We developed this Toolbox to give the EMOTIV community a way to create various applications for the BCI features of the EMOTIV platform, without the need to be or hire a developer. However, some technical skills will be helpful when installing and using Node-RED.

Emotiv-BCI Node-RED Toolbox works on Mac and Windows.

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