EPOC+ and EPOC X configurations

To change your sampling rate for EEG and Motion data.

You can configure your EPOC+’s and EPOC X's EEG sample rate, EEG resolution, motion data sample rate, and motion data resolution through the EMOTIV App application. There are no configuration setting for Emotiv EPOC and Insight headsets, and EPOC Flex will be supported in the future.

To configure your headset:

  1. Plug in your EPOC+ or EPOC X device to your PC using the USB cable that came with your device (unplug the USB cable from the mains plug)

  2. Open EMOTIV App on your PC or Mac by searching for "EMOTIV App" in your computers search bar or clicking on the EMOTIV App Icon in the toolbar (if visible)

3. On the "Devices" Tab, Select the Options : Icon beside the headset on the device list

4. Click "Configurations" and a pop up will show. Change to your desired settings and click "Update Settings".

IMPORTANT Note: Bluetooth only supports a maximum of 128Hz sampling rate for EEG and 64Hz for Motion. Please select 128Hz for EEG and any value less than 128Hz for motion when using Bluetooth. Otherwise, to record with 256Hz EEG & 128Hz Motion, use the USB dongle that came with your headset.

5. Disconnect your headset, from the USB Cable and Connect your headset as normal.

Viewing this configuration menu during real time streaming will show your current device settings even when your headset is not plugged in directly to your PC.

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