You can access the Frequencies section by selecting Frequencies from the main navigation menu.

In the Frequencies section you can find out more information about what kind of brain state is associated with each of the displayed frequency bands, as well as adjust the threshold of individual frequencies. Select the frequency you want to explore by clicking on a frequency symbol at the top of the menu.

The frequency bands that are supported are as follows:

  • Theta(Θ) - 4-7.5 Hz

  • Alpha (α) - 8-11.5 Hz

  • Beta (β) - 12-24.5 Hz

  • Gamma (γ) - 25-45 Hz

Note: The frequency bands are color coded using cool colors for low frequency activity and warm colors for high frequency activity.

To adjust the gain (intensity) of each frequency band in the visualization, move the slider to the left (lower gain, less intense) or right (higher gain, more intense) and observe the results. To turn off a frequency band, move the slider all the way to the left.

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