Universal USB Receiver (Dongle)

The universal USB receiver (dongle) uses a proprietary 2.4 GHz protocol to stream data from the headset. We recommend using this to connect to your headset on a PC or Laptop; once connected it remembers the serial number of the headset pairs to allow easy reconnection. The dongle pairing also allows multiple headsets to co-exist and provides a reliable high speed connection over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
The headset supports BLE which allows connection to mobile devices (Android/iOS) and some computers. EmotivPRO does support the native BLE radio on MacOS devices (2015 or later). On PC's however the implementation of Bluetooth varies by manufacturer and it is not guaranteed to work and so we recommend using the dongle.
There are two green LED's on the top surface of the dongle and plastic lies at the bottom. The following table explains about LED's.
LED Left (under power icon)
LED Right
Powered Up Looking for headsets
Slow flashing
Receiving data
Fast flashing
Paired by not connected
Slow flashing