Job Management

The job management page provides information about the job status.

For each Job, you can see the Job Name and Job ID below it, time the job started and progress of the job.

If the status doesn’t say ‘Complete’ within a few seconds, click on the Refresh button at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

You can close the browser and return to this page anytime. You can access this page by via your EmotivPRO menu bar as below:

Once Analyzer has finished processing your data, its status will change from Processing to Complete. You can download the completed data as a ZIP file and save it locally. To do this, click on the Results button.

If a job has failed, you can click on the Details button for indicators of why the job failed.

For example in the above job failed because of incorrect marker specification. This can be seen in the detail log as 'No data found':

If you still need help on running a processing job or understanding why your job is failing, you can contact us by completing the Give Feedback form which you can access under Get Help on the Job Management page:

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