What is EmotivPRO Analyzer?

EmotivPRO Analyzer (Analyzer) is a cloud-based batch processing tool for EEG data integrated with EmotivPRO.

Using EmotivCloud, Analyzer allows users of EmotivPRO to quickly and easily process a large amount of EEG data or process a number of EEG data recordings in a standardized way without doing any coding. The pipelines available include:

  • Basic EEG processing

  • Basic EEG processing and band power transformation

  • Group ERP Experiment Analysis

  • Record based ERP Experiment Analysis

If you have Premium License, you can generate reports for selected events: Report pipelines include:

  • Band-Power Reports

  • Performance Metric Reports

  • Event-related potential Analysis

  • Topographic Maps

Please note that Band power and Performance Metric Reports can only be generated for events that have at least a minimum duration of 2 seconds. These reports do not currently support EmotivPRO keystroke markers as these are instance markers with a zero duration.

You need a Premium license to access Individual PM Report and PM Report processing pipelines. Learn more about our EmotivPRO licensing.

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