Getting the headset assembled and power on.

The main body has a protective film covering the sensors and cover, as shown below, please remove these and adjust the reference so that it is straight.

The T8 arm can then be fitted into the connector as you can see from the image above it is angled inwards to fit smaller heads. It can be adjusted to make it more comfortable for users with bigger heads. The plastic used for the arms allows for slight adjustments. You may use a hairdryer on medium, to gently warm up the arm section near the bend so that it becomes pliable and you can then slowly adjust the angle. Or apply tape to hold the headband and then gently heat up and allow to cool in the new shape.

Please do not try to bend when cold or the plastic could crack. The headband material can take a fair amount of rough handling but it is made from two separate layers of plastic and they both need to be warm for adjustment.

The sensor pack is opened by sliding a finger between the two halves in the top left corner of the above picture and sliding to the right, this will disengage the locks without needing to apply too much force.

You will then have access to the four electrode tips which can then be fitted onto the headset as shown below.

The headset is turned on by pressing the power switch which is located between Pz and the T8 arm see image below.

When the unit is on the white indicator light turns on, its location is shown below. The headset can now be connected to the Emotiv suite of software. Please note: The light is dimmer on the black unit than the white due to the plastic variation please check in a darkened room if you can’t see it.

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